About us

Walnut Early Supports is a web based – digital resource that is created by nationally and internationally certified Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) for parents, SLPs and the Special Education Fraternity who treat individuals with speech/language, cognitive, behavioral, and social/emotional difficulties. This website was created as an all inclusive – one stop solution to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Walnut Early Supports has digital therapy resources one can use to address weaknesses in areas of language acquisition, phonological development, speech sound and articulation errors, social-pragmatic development, emotional and behavioral regulation, special education-reading, writing and math, phonological awareness and cognitive weaknesses in areas of attention, memory, processing speed etc.

The digital library is enriched with colorful and interactive resources which are kid friendly, attractive and engaging. There are thousands of web-based games for continued practice during therapy session as well as at home.

Walnut Early Supports provides you with resources based on evidence-based practice to target areas of weakness with consistency and provide repetitive practice with intensity to get optimal benefits.

Walnut Early Supports’ digital material library is a time saver, as it saves hours parents and therapists spend looking for age and level appropriate therapy materials. It is a space saver as one no longer needs to carry therapy resources from one clinic to another or pack a bag full of materials when going on vacation. The digital library is accessible at one click once subscribed.

Children are fast learners. They need about 5-6 exposure to a new item to master the skill and they are ready to move on. The digital materials Walnut Early Supports offers are a huge money saver as one doesn’t have to worry about children outgrowing the physical materials, losing pieces of puzzles or damaging them. Parents/Therapists no longer will have to sanitize therapy materials and spend crucial time when using Walnut’s resources.

The therapeutic resources are organized as per skill level, and area of need, provide one with multiple opportunity to practice, provides therapists/educators with efficient method of data collection and parents an avenue to continue with consistent practice. They are a sanity saver!

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