Walnut resource library has digital materials spread across 8 different domain which can be used by speech pathologist, special educator, parents and teachers of children with special needs.

The advantages of using our digital material for therapy include increased accessibility, portability, and flexibility, as well as the ability to track progress and customize treatment plans.

There are many types of interactive games and activities available in Walnut early supports. This includes board games, drag and drop games, sequencing games etc for 8 different domains.
Speech therapists can integrate digital speech therapy material into their practice by incorporating it into their treatment plans, using it for assessment and diagnosis, and recommending it to clients and their families for at-home practice.

When choosing digital speech therapy material, it is important to consider the age and skill level of the client, the specific speech or language disorder being addressed, and the goals of the therapy. It is also important to ensure that the material is evidence-based and clinically sound.

There is growing evidence to suggest that digital speech therapy material can be effective in improving speech and language outcomes, particularly when used in conjunction with traditional therapy approaches. However, it is important to note that not all digital speech therapy material is created equal, and that the effectiveness of any given resource will depend on a variety of factors.
Digital speech therapy material can be a useful supplement to traditional therapy approaches, but it is unlikely to replace them entirely. A skilled speech therapist can provide individualized treatment plans and hands-on guidance that cannot be replicated by digital resources alone.
Parents or caregivers can incorporate digital materials into early speech intervention by using them as a supplement to in-person therapy sessions, practicing with their child at home, and monitoring their child’s progress. It’s important to work with a trained speech therapist to develop a comprehensive intervention plan that incorporates both traditional and digital materials.

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