All images, cliparts and graphics used in this website are licensed from the following:
Cliparts depicting any action/verb, dipthongs, phonics, depicting different occupations, are outsourced from Lilly Silly Billy from their store at Etsy.

Cliparts for action/verbs, 3, 4 or 5 step action sequences, life skills, good behaviors, suitcase and clothing, teens, kids, boys and girls, emotions, different nursey rhyms and their characters, are outsourced from Kari Bolt .

Cliparts for words and letters of alphabets, CVCE, build a bundle items pertaining to burger, cupcake, elephant, flower and icecream, are outsourced from Shasha Mitten at the Rainbow Sprinkle Studio.
Cliparts for vowels- mouth and tongue positions, building scenes and items of household usage, park, playground and library, doctor and health, hearing aids and hearing loss, sensory room and its items, are outsourced from Allison Fors.
Cliparts for silent consonants are outsourced from Busy Bee Studio.
Cliparts for blends, fairy tales and stories are outsources from Speech Doodles.
Cliparts for Antonyms are outsourced from Sarah Pecorino.
Cliparts for electrical appliances are outsourced from the Cher Room
Cliparts for bugs and insects are outsourced from Just for Kids.
Cliparts for musical instruments are outsourced from Clipartino
Cliparts for prepositions are outsourced from Doctor Watson.
Cliparts for seasonal and themed sequences are outsourced from Zip a Dee Doo Dah.
Graphics for interactive games, blogs and website taken from

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