Our Story

Internet and cloud based services have joined the whole world together! Everything is at our fingers’ disposal, on laptops, cellphones or smart watches. Doctors have moved on to tele- health consults, and tele- medicines, then why not therapists and special educators?? The only deterrent in tele-therapeutic services is the non- availability of digital and web based materials!

The need was always there;  be it traveling long distances with an individual with special needs to get therapy services, missing critical work days, paying a hefty conveyance fees, constantly purchasing therapy materials or lack of at- home support and practice. The caregivers face numerous obstacles while providing the best therapy services for their loved ones.

The most critical need was felt during the pandemic. Between the chaos and the confusion, no one paid attention to the 2.68 crore individuals ( 2.21% of Indian population as per Census 2011) who have some or the other form of disability and no means to support or advocate for themselves.

Walnut Early Supports, was born out of need. The need to bridge the gap between your homes, experienced tele-therapists, and interactive, engaging and evidence based digital materials to provide you and your loved one with the most intensive therapy for optimal results.

Walnut Early Supports provides you with specialized resources for repetition with intensity and consistency, which are critical for skill acquisition and mastery.

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