Sex education for children with special needs

Unfortunately, society often neglects children with special needs when it comes to sex education.

Post-stroke rehabilitation and how you can help.

Stroke patients often struggle with the chronic effects that accompany stroke. Rehabilitation can offer better chances

Play and its role in facilitating communication

Unlike the popular idea that play is the opposite of learning, the reality is, play is the most crucial step

Online therapy: is it as effective as in-person therapy?

Have you ever been offered online therapy for your child, but the whole idea of it just puzzled you?

Multilingualism: Myths

The reality is multilingualism has been proven to have favourable outcomes on development. Children who speak

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Milestones: From Kindergarten to Fifth grade

By the end of kindergarten, your child should be able to do the following

Language difficulties in the classroom

The purpose of language is to provide us with ways to communicate with others. If a child has language

Some Famous people who have Autism.

A child on The autism spectrum often feels misunderstood, and this makes it a hard experience.

Echolalia: Dos and Don’ts

Parents and caregivers are often puzzled by echolalia, which is a repetition of words or sounds that

Dyslexia: across ages

Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects reading and spelling but does not affect general intelligence.

Helping your Autistic child at home

Autism spectrum disorder is a neuro-developmental disorder that affects how people interact with others

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