Some Famous people who have Autism.

Turning weaknesses to strengths.   

A child on The autism spectrum often feels misunderstood, and this makes it a hard experience. However, the good news is that you can still succeed even if you are on the autism spectrum. Our evidence is history. For example, here is a list of famous people with ASD: 

  • Psychologists now doubt that many of the scientists that paved the way for us were on the autism spectrum. The list includes Isaac Newton for he didn’t talk much, and didn’t have close friends. Another great scientist who is thought to have been on the autism spectrum is Albert Einstein as he didn’t have great communication skills, and lacked friends. Other historical artists and musicians that are in doubt are; Mozart and Michelangelo.
  • Susan Boyle: with her musical voice, Susan Boyle managed to sell 14 million albums despite her ASD diagnosis. 
  • Tony DeBlois: Not only is Tony on the Autism spectrum, but he is also blind. This has not stopped him from becoming the great pianist that he is. 
  • Vernon Smith: a professor of economics who won the Nobel prize for his extraordinary accomplishment. Dr. Vernon attributes his success to Asperger’s syndrome. 

Unleashing the potential of children on the autism spectrum

Living with autism comes with its challenges, yet it can also come with its gifts. People on the autism spectrum function differently, and hence, they see the world in a unique way. The term “twice-exceptional” is used to describe children who are gifted but have some form of disability. For example, a twice-exceptional child might have poor verbal skills, but brilliant visual-spatial skills.

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