Pragati Shatapathy


Pragati Shatapathy (MASLP, B.Sc. HLS) is a very dedicated and experienced Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist who has a rich and diverse experience, nationally as well as internationally. She is adept in audiological rehabilitation, assessment and care of the deaf/ the hard of hearing. She is equally accomplished in working with individuals with communication deficits, especially with little kids, in areas of Autism, developmental delays, Intellectual retardation and so on. Pragati, in her career of 15+ years has remarkable experiences in the field of academics, research, clinical services, recruiting and guiding trainees. She is a Life Member of Indian Speech and Hearing Association, Certified in Play therapy for children with special needs, trained in Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS level 1) and DIR Floortime 101, which are targeted towards remediating communication and behavioral difficulties presented by non-verbal children with Autism. Pragati is currently working on earning her clinical experience as a Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to be able to support families of children with emotional and behavioral dysregulation.

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