Early Intervention for Autism: Neurodiversity Affirming Practices

Join us for an insightful session with Emily Starling, M.A, CCC-SLP, an accomplished Speech-Language Pathologist and an inspiring advocate for neurodiversity.

🗓️ Date: January 7, 2024

⏰ Time: 5 PM - 6 PM IST

🛑 Registration Closes: January 6, 2024


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Meet the Presenter: Emily Starling, M.A, CCC-SLP

Emily Starling is a dedicated Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in early childhood intervention (0-3 years) based in Texas. Her clinical expertise encompasses autism, gestalt language processing, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). As an autistic professional herself, Emily brings a unique and deeply personal understanding to her practice. She is committed to delivering relationship-centered, neurodiversity-affirming therapy. Her approach prioritizes the holistic development of autistic children and their families, reflecting her deep belief in embracing and supporting neurodiversity.

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